HIIT45 Classes

Maximum intensity will be achieved in this interval based conditioning class featuring Extreme Power rowers, Rogue Echo bikes, slam balls, speed ropes, all coupled with movement based circuits.

What to expect when you take HIIT45?

Prepare to train like an athlete and burn more calories than ever before. Our instructors will motivate you while you work against the clock! HIIT45 combines intensity and efficiency using bursts of explosive exercises paired with recovery periods. Best of all you will continue burning calories post-workout for up to 48 hours!


HIIT45 consists of a warm up period followed by repetitions of high-intensity exercises separated by medium intensity exercises for recovery, then a cool down period.


Research proves that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective method to increase endurance and build strength.


This is not a workout you can do while reading a magazine or chatting with your friend. You'll be working hard the whole time. The trade-off is HIIT45 offers seasoned exercisers a NEW challenge and a quick way to see results. HIIT45 may have you sucking wind, but you definitely won't be bored...the time will fly by!

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training:

  • Increases your metabolism - you burn more fat and calories up to 48 hours after a HIIT workout
  • Builds a healthier heart

  • Increases endurance and builds strength
  • Leaves you feeling accomplished and motivated


Equipment Used during HIIT45 Classes

Maximum intensity will be achieved in this interval based cardio classes featuring Extreme Power rowers and Rogue Echo bikes.

PB Extreme Power Rower

The PB Extreme Rower is a quality rowing machine that control your output and resistance at all times when rowing. The large display is easy to read and shows time, stroke rate, distance, calories and watts. User-friendly console tracks heart rate when connected to a heart rate monitor.

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The Rogue Echo Bike provides a rock solid foundation for max output bursts. A quiet, belt-driven steel fan blade produces a smooth, consistent ride, while a high-contrast battery-powered LCD console allows athletes to track intervals, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more.

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Meet the Team

Family of Passionate Professionals

Kris Gruner

WIN Owner, Co-Founder

Kris Gruner spent the first 25 years of his career in the commodity option trading business where he built and managed his firm's risk. Along the way, he trained and coached many young traders the art of risk taking. At the end of 2017, he decided to retire from the option trading business.

Having been a collegiate athlete and high school football coach for many years, Kris decided to join with a business partner, Chris Falcon, and create an entirely new business built around fitness and performance. Kris’s passion has always been teaching and coaching to help connect people and build relationships. That energy is now fully focused on building the WIN community. A community committed to a fitness experience that is better shared!

Kris teaches Punch45 and HIIT45 as well as Youth SAQ

Courtney Brin

WIN Group Fitness Instructor

Courtney’s first career was in elementary education in The Chicago Public Schools where she taught for 10 years. After staying at home with her three children and moving back to the suburbs, Courtney returned to work, this time in the fitness industry. Courtney comes to WIN from another large fitness company, where she focused on membership sales. She developed relationships with members, planned events, and created a sense of community in the club.

Courtney was encouraged to pursue a certification in group fitness because of her obvious enthusiasm and participation in classes. She has a passion for teaching, and focuses on connecting with every member in her class. Courtney currently resides in Highland Park with her husband, three children, and her Bulldog, Waffle. Her favorite food indulgences are sushi and coffee ice cream.

Certifications: AFAA certified group fitness instructor
Courtney teaches StrongSpyn, PlyoSpyn and HIIT45

Justin teaches both HIIT45 and PUNCH45

Edward Serrano

WIN Group Fitness Instructor

Edward has worked with all walks of life, from young athletes as early as 5yrs old learning about fitness, to the elderly fighting for their lives dealing with Parkinson’s disease, to professionals that play in the NFL, NBA and fight professionally. "I believe fitness is supposed to be fun and every person is different, so I approach every training session in that way by designing fun and effective workout plans.” Edward’s workouts are full body workouts that combine cardio and boxing to tone your muscles, burn fat, and increase your overall stamina, endurance and strength.

Certifications: NASM CPT and Certified Boxing Coach.
Edward currently teaches both HIIT45 and PUNCH45

Samantha Dexter

HIIT45 Instructor

Sam has been working in the Fitness Industry for 9 years. She has worked as a Personal Trainer and prior to coming to WIN, she coached at Orangetheory Fitness Glenview for 5 years. Currently, she is the Store Manager of Blended Health and Smoothie Bar and has been there since the day they opened their doors in June 2020!
Sam has a history of competing in Fitness Competitions and her passion is to motivate and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle through both fitness and nutrition. She strives to push every member that attends her classes to reach their fullest potential. In her free time, Sam enjoys watching Marvel movies, sipping on coffee, and any adventure outdoors.
Certifications: NASM CPT, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Nutrition Coach, and TRX

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