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Cardiovascular classes, a fun high-intensity fitness experience.

Strength classes, elevate your fitness level.

Boxing classes, designed to test your limits.

Classes designed to get kids moving while having fun and improving coordination

4 Methods. 8 Classes. 1 Family.

Experience Ultimate Workouts.

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Cardiovascular classes, a fun high-intensity fitness experience.

Strength classes, elevate your fitness level.

Conditioning classes, designed to test your limits.

Restorative classes, ignites your body and lifts your spirit.

Authentic Workouts. Real Results.

WIN offers flexible pricing and creative formats where the focus is on YOU! Our atmosphere is designed to build a community where the whole family is welcome. Become a WIN Member and unlock discounts designed to keep you motivated and accountable!

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Classes covering Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Training, and Metabolic Conditioning keep you balanced, while keeping your workouts exciting. Our integrative offerings provide a complete fitness experience for all skill levels.

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Power Sculpt Fitness

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About Us

Our gym facilities are top-notch

WIN Athletic Club is a boutique style adult group fitness facility. It features 4 studios for classes in strength, boxing, power sculpt, high intensity interval training and mat pilates.

Other services include personal training by RPEC, physical therapy & chiropractic services by KO WELLNESS and cryo body contouring & facials by UPLIFTED CRYO. All you need under one roof!

Our instructors are passionate, talented and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. No matter your skill level or experience, everyone is an athlete at WIN. We will welcome, motivate and support you while you workout at the intensity level that best suits you.

Meet Our Team

Family of Passionate Professionals

Kris Guner WIN Owner, Co-Founder


WIN Owner, Co-Founder, Instructor

Kris Gruner spent the first 25 years of his career in the commodity option trading business where he built and managed his firm's risk. Along the way, he trained and coached many young traders the art of risk taking. At the end of 2017, he decided to retire from the option trading business.

Having been a collegiate athlete and high school football coach for many years, Kris decided to join with a business partner, Chris Falcon, and create an entirely new business built around fitness and performance. Kris’s passion has always been teaching and coaching to help connect people and build relationships. That energy is now fully focused on building the WIN community. A community committed to a fitness experience that is better shared!

Kris teaches Punch45 and HIIT45 as well as Youth SAQ

Heather Hughes

Power Sculpt Fitness Instructor

Creator of the Power Sculpt Fitness™ method: a variety of sequenced intervals within a group fitness setting designed to motivate, challenge & focus. Provide dynamic workouts to a wide-population base that include the perfect combination of strength, cardio & core training for maximum results.

Samantha Bartlett

WIN Instructor

"Since her teenage years, Sam has turned to sports and fitness as a stress reliever and method for living fully. Having been an avid lover of HIIT, running, yoga and Pilates for a long time, Sam has always sought ways to empower people through movement and strength building. Sam's first teaching role was in the form of yoga and yoga sculpt; she discovered the healing power of yoga in 2010, which quickly inspired her to become a 200 RYT and Yoga Sculpt instructor. A few years later Sam walked into her first reformer Pilates class and was changed yet again. She fell in love with the mind-body connection required to flow through a sequence and the feeling of length, strength, and calmness she held post-class. Sam quickly became certified to teach Pilates in downtown Chicago and loved building a community through group reformer classes.

Sam spent many years teaching yoga, Pilates, and bootcamps, enjoying the relationships she built outside of her "full-time job." Having recently moved to the northshore, Sam was thrilled to find WIN. What an amazing community of caring and uplifting people; she felt it was the perfect place to begin teaching again! She is excited about the opportunity to help grow the reach of WIN and foster group connections once more. Join her for a group class experience inspired by her many fitness loves; she hopes you will leave feeling stronger, more energized, and proud of the body you own!"


What our members say

Hidden gem! You would never suspect this amazing club is hidden within Glenview. The place is new, very clean, family friendly and great instructors. Really glad I found this place for me and the whole family.

Erin S.

I was invited to go with a friend to try a full body class. This place has it all and is super clean too. There are four spaces for different classes I loved how personalized it was. When we entered the weight room area, I was excited to try different moves and equipment that I had only seen in Instagram videos (Box jumps, weighted ropes, large medicine balls). The class was fun and the teacher was motivating. I would love to go back!

Deb B.

WIN Atheltic Club is absolutely heavenly! Everything about this place is perfection! From the moment you walk in you feel energized and excited to be the best version of yourself. The personal trainers are some of the best. Truly! They are knowledgeable, kind, and push you to do your best. There is no judgement here and only positive attitude. The space is also brand new and modern and uber clean. WIN is a hidden gem that I am so lucky to have found. I can't recommend it enough. Do yourself a favor and try out a class. You will not regret it. 🙂

Rosie H.

This place is amazing! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have great energy! They have boxing, spin, HIIT classes, strength, personal training... even performance training for youth athletes! Best of all, it's incredibly clean and inviting. It is a must see!

Laura G.

Win Athletic Club is absolutely AMAZING! Best gym I've ever been a member of. It is just a feel good place. Aside from a beautiful, well equipped, clean facility, the whole environment is energetic and electrifying. Trainers are very family like, super professional, knowledgeable and explain movements in a way it clicks in your mind so you remember how to do them the proper way in the second round up. Even though your body hurts, you just can't wait to continue with another workout. Love, love, love it!!! I am so glad I joined!!!! 🙂

Janet M.


Our class sizes are small (up to 12) to keep instruction personal and safe.
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